Literacy Worksheets to assist Students with Reading and Writing Concepts:

Well-designed literacy worksheets can be used effectively to teach many reading and writing concepts. I have grouped my worksheets into letter-sound relationships, words (separated into phonemic strategies and sight words), handwriting, sentences, whole language experiences and spelling journal activities. Some are self-explanatory while others have background notes or suggestions included in the instructions. Many worksheets have been created as sets to teach specific literacy concepts over a series of lessons, but they can easily be used in isolation when the need arises.

The success of a worksheet is due in part to the presentation of the font, appealing graphics and overall design of the page. Students will be more inclined to give effort and present their work well, if faced with an attractive worksheet that motivates. Ofcourse the thinking skills required to complete each activity are of utmost importance to the teacher who is guiding her students to engage in critical thinking, and internalise important concepts.

Letter Names and Sounds
CVC Words
Sight Words
Rhyming Words
Word Families
Sentences - Grammar
Spelling Activities
Free Literacy Worksheets