Rhyming Words: Worksheets

hat bat cat

While many students arrive at school with an understanding of rhyming words, some need more explicit lessons to develop the concept. Being able to identify rhymes is an important pre-reading skill, and enables students to more easily identify groups of similar words when reading. Students who are experiencing difficulty need to have frequent positive opportunities with rhyme. These may include the use of card and board games, as well as specifically targetted worksheets where students write or draw the missing words, or match pictures or words. Lots of opportunities to look at simple onsets and rimes can also be very valuable.

Group words into sets of rhyming words:
Rhyme Groups (simple - cvc words) Rhyme Groups 2 (simple - cvc words)
Rhyme Groups 3 (simple - cvc words) Rhyme Groups 4 (simple - cvc words)
Rhyme Groups 5 (letter strings)
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Rhyme Groups 6 (letter strings)
Rhyme Groups 7 (letter strings) Rhyme Groups 8 (letter strings)
Rhyme Groups 9 (common patterns) Rhyme Groups 10 (common patterns)
Rhyme Groups 11 (common patterns) Rhyme Groups 12 (common patterns)

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