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Registration is required in order to become a member of The Classroom Kit.  Members acknowledge the following terms and conditions when they access The Classroom Kit resources for professional, personal or classroom use:

Terms and Conditions:

  • Membership user names and passwords are only to be used by registered members and the sharing of these details may result in the forfeit of membership and all monies paid.
  • All the content on this web site is copyrighted to KMcKeown, The Classroom Kit. The copying or modifying of original resources or materials may lead to prosecution.
  • Individual membership allows the individual user the right to save and print pdf documents, for unlimited use with students in their classroom.
  • School membership allows multiple users to access materials for their classes or groups of students (resources accessed may be saved for use after membership expires). Small school membership allows up to five teachers access to materials. Larger school membership allows 6 or more teachers access to materials.
  • Early Learning Centres (child-care centres and kindergartens with children up to the age of 5) may make multiple copies of relevant resources (including numeral recognition and counting games and activities; letter activities and games). Membership is required for each Learning Centre with a unique address.
  • Teacher training institutions with an individual membership may produce one copy of each game or resource which can be used in a sample resource kit and borrowed by student teachers for use with groups of students. Student teachers interested in accessing a special group offer, can request that their training institution contact The Classroom Kit for details.
  • Membership does not allow the registered user to share saved or printed resources with colleagues. Please pass on the web address to those who are interested, so they may access resources as members themselves.
  • Cliparts used on this website are copyrighted to either Graphics or KMcKeown and must not be copied or used except in the form in which they are presented.



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