Using Games to Teach Emergent Literacy Skills in the Classroom

Games are a highly motivational way of teaching emergent literacy skills to young children, but can be expensive to buy, and time consuming to make. The games available on this website can be downloaded, printed, laminated and packaged, to form a huge collection of resources that address a wide range of concepts and levels of reading, at a very reasonable cost. The games vary from simple letter and word card games that are well known and easy to learn, such as Memory, Snap, Go Fish and Uno, to board games, based on particular concepts, and multi-use boards that can be used to reinforce the learning of any letters, words or sentences, using personalised cards (templates provided).

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Quick tips for building and using a collection of games:

I recommend compiling a collection that includes a selection of different types of game for each major literacy concept being focused on. A class collection for Prep (5 and 6 years olds), might begin with 5 games to teach letter-sound relationships, 5 games that focus on consonant-vowel-consonant words (eg. c-a-t), 3 games that support the learning of rhyming words, and 10 games that support the learning of sight words (a couple for each level of the Magic 100 Words* or the Wild Words from this site).

As students progress through the year, games with more advanced concepts will need to be added, and the collection will grow. I have had great success with literacy games timetabled for 20 minute sessions over 4 days a week. These lessons run themselves, with all students fully motivated and engaged by the many different ways to learn. And every child was fully involved in a powerful learning experience at the appropriate level!

*More details about The Magic 100 Words can be found at the website.


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