Multi Level Card Games: Build a Board Sets

I have made a selection of Build A Board card games that can be used to support the learning of many literacy and numeracy concepts. The idea is that students work with a set of cards that target a particular skill or concept (eg. 2-digit numerals or doubles and near doubles are some numeracy concepts, while c-v-c words or contractions are some literacy concepts covered). They take it in turns to take a card and read it aloud or give the correct response, and if the other players agree they were correct, then they roll the die and collect the piece shown. Typically each player will need to collect between 6 and 10 pieces to complete the board.

How to Prepare Build A Board Games

Preparation: Cut and laminate 4 boards (black and white). Cut and laminate the coloured pieces. Cut and laminate the die and form into a cube. Tape sides together with invisible tape.

Instructions for play: Each player takes a baseboard and spreads the pieces so they can be found easily. The players agree on the cards to be used (eg. 2-digit numerals, sums under 10, c-v-c words, sentences etc.). Players take it in turns to take a card and respond with an answer if required, or read it aloud. If the response is correct (other players must agree), they roll the die and take the piece to add to their board. The first player to complete a board is the winner.



scarecrow boardBuild a Scarecrow (Boards and Pieces: print twice for 4 players)

Scarecrow Die



castle boardBuild a Castle (Boards,Pieces and Die)




robot boardBuild A Robot (Pieces and Die) (fixed...will now open)

Build A Robot (Base Boards: print 4)




Cards to use with Build A Board Games

Cards to Support Numeracy Concepts


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