Numeracy Flash Cards

and Activity Cards

Flash cards are extremely useful teaching resources. Sets can be used in whole class instruction as well as in class and small group games. Using a set of teaching cards with a group allows all students to hear the numeral or symbol correctly matched to its written representation. Each time a set of cards is shown (with students responding aloud), students hear the correct response and it is reinforced.

Cards can include dice patterns (shown briefly and hidden), larger dot patterns (7 to 12), numerals, pictorial representations of 2-digit or 3-digit numbers with ten sticks or hundred flats, Roman numerals, tally marks, computations or mathematical symbols.


shape playing cards

Playing Cards Pack 1-10 (4 sets of numerals with shapes as suites; No picture cards)

Different Designs for Card Backs

sorting buttons cards  

Activity cards: Sorting and Counting Buttons
Use these 14 work cards with a collection of plastic sorting buttons (different colours, shapes and numbers of holes) or with a collection of real buttons that have been preselected to fit the criteria.

sorting teddies cards  

Activity cards: Sorting and Counting Teddies
Use these 12 work cards with a collection of plastic sorting and counting teddies.


Cards for Build A Board Games: (print enough pages to suit the number of cards you wish to use)

Counting dots 1-1

Friends of 10 With Missing Numbers

Friends of 10 and Doubles to 12 (fixed)

Minus 2 and Minus 3 to 20 (fixed)

Numerals 1-20

Plus 2 and Plus 3 (fixed)

Plus 1 up to 10

Plus 10 to 99

Plus and Minus 1 to 20 (fixed)


Cards for class lessons and games

Suggestions for use:
Whole class: Introducing a new concept or reinforcing known facts. The teacher reads the sum aloud and students try to work out the answer first (or have each child with a white board or number fan to record their answer silently). The first student or team (if the class is divided into groups) to have the answer takes the card. The cards can be displayed in a set for future reference.

Small groups: Use as the cards in a build-a-board game, but have children ask each other the questions, as the answer is provided.

1 more: Adding 1 to numbers 1-10 (set of 10 cards)
1 less: Taking 1 from numbers 2-11
Doubles 1-10
Friends of 10
10 less: Taking 10 from teen numbers
10 more: Adding 10 to teen numbers
10 less: Taking 10 from numbers 20-110
10 more: Adding 10 to numbers 10-100



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