Maths Games to Use in the Classroom

Maths games are a wonderful way to motivate young learners. With a collection of these numeracy resources, it is possible for children to practise particular skills regularly without losing interest.

This is a collection of attractive and colourful card and board games to promote understandings about recognising numerals, counting, sums, pattern, shape, money and time. The games have simple rules and they enable students to work independently with a range of mathematical concepts, every day of the school year.

Instructions for Preparation: Select the appropriate games for your students and print. Copy to coloured card or print in colour on white card. Laminate for a longer life. Cut and organise storage (this can be in a freezer bag, box, plastic jar, or some other sturdy container). Plan appropriately for the use of these games to complement your mathematics program.

Stages of learning numeracy concepts
Numeral Recognition
Counting Activities and Games
Place Value
Money Games
Time Games
Pattern and Shape Games
Board Games for use with any Numeracy Concepts

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