Money Games

money games Money games are useful activities for young learners to develop understandings about money concepts. These concepts include recognising and naming coins and notes, combining groups of coins and notes to find total values, comparing groups of coins and notes to determine the larger amount (whether you have enough to make a purchase), and working out change when making a purchase.

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Online Games and Activities

Money Master Online interaction with coins - choose from different currencies, including those from: Australia, UK, Euro, Canada, USA, Mexico, South Africa, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Israel, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Singapore, Bangladesh

Hands on Banking Online animated information for kids about where money comes from, how you get it, how to budget etc.

Change Maker Online game where players collect virtual money in their piggy banks as they calculate the correct change (4 levels of difficulty & currencies include: Australia, UK, USA, Mexico, Canada)

Coin Fans Print fans in your currency for whole class activities manipulating coin combinations (Australia, UK, USA, Euro)

Coin Cards Print small cards with your currency (Australia, UK, USA, Euro)

Coin Worksheet generator Adjust difficulty levels and currencies (Australia, UK, USA, Euro)

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