Literacy Resources: Word Posters, Cards, Booklets and Templates

Practical literacy resources can play an important role in the successful teaching of emergent literacy skills within the classroom. Having access to good quality, relevant resources such as word posters and cards, can make lesson planning and implementation much easier. Unfortunately, a good collection can take some time to put together. Over the years, I have often wished I had a set of charts and flashcards to reinforce the concepts being taught, but the time contraints were too much alongside everyday teaching and planning. While the main aim of this website is to compile a set of hands-on games for students, I thought it would also be useful to provide some reference materials, as well as direct links to some of the wonderful resources created by other teachers, and freely available on the net.

Sight Word Lists and Certificates

Literacy Flash Cards

Word Family Books

Literacy Posters

Reading Booklets

Reading and Writing Templates

Christmas Literacy Activities

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