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question cards

Question Cards

A set of 16 word cards that may prompt students to pose questions during or after class discussions. These card can be displayed on the classroom wall, or put in the middle of a class circle so that individuals look for the one they have used after asking a question. This is a motivating way for younger students to learn how to differentiate between the tricky 'wh' words, and also guides children to be able pose questions rather than make comments.

am Word Family Riddles: am word cards am riddle cards
and/end Word Family Riddles: and/end word cards and/end riddle cards
et/ed Word Family Riddles: et/ed word cards et/ed riddle cards
og/op Word Family Riddles: og/op word cards og/op riddle cards
um/un Word Family Riddles: um/un word cards um/un riddle cards
ip Word Family Riddles: ip word cards ip riddle cards
ick Word Family Riddles: ick word cards ick riddle cards
ing Word Family Riddles: ing word cards ing riddle cards
ch Word Family Riddles: ch word cards ch riddle cards
sh Word Family Riddles: sh word cards sh riddle cards
th Word Family Riddles: th word cards th riddle cards

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Ee Ff
Gg Hh




Mm Nn


Qq Rr
Ss Tt
Uu Vv
Ww Xx
Yy Zz



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