Literacy Posters

Literacy posters and charts are important resources for teachers. Some posters are standard practice for display in all Early Childhood classes, such as alphabet banners and handwriting directions, while others are brought out when specific word families or literacy concepts are taught. They can guide introductory lessons and clarify concepts. They can be referred to by both students and teachers during lessons. If wall space is limited, posters of recently introduced concepts can be displayed, while other posters are filed for students to access when they need them (in a display folder perhaps). My posters can be printed in A4 or A3 (using an enlarging option on a photocopier), and when laminated, are like big cards.


Sight Words Charts (Free resources)

Sight Words Awards

Word Families - Lists and Certificates

These will be useful for students who are having difficulty 'seeing' the strings of letters that make up common word families. Rather than sounding out unknown words, letter by letter, students benefit from seeing groups of letters as word families with particular sounds. There are 5 sets of lists (ranging from very basic to more complex) that can be printed onto cards for students to practise at home, and when students demonstrate automaticity with each one, reward certificates can be awarded. Print onto coloured card (designed to save coloured ink when printing).

Narrative Writing Goalnarrative writing goals Narrative Writing - Set the Scenenarrative writing set the scene
Narrative Writing - Introduce the charactersnarrative writing introduce characters Narrative Writing - The problem or Complicationnarrative writing problem or complication
Narrative Writing - Resolution of the problemnarrative writing - resolution of problem Persuasive Writing Goalspersuasive writing goals
How to tell if it is a persuasive writing taskhow to tell if you need to be persuasive Persuasive Writing Vocabulary Chartpersuasive writing vocabulary chart
Persuasive Writing Negative Vocabularypersuasive writing negative vocabulary Persuasive Writing sample sentence starterspersuasive writing sample sentence starters

Persuasive Writing Paragraph Chart

persuasive writing paragraph plan

Quotations To Think About - Albert Einstein

Free Resource

quotations by Albert Einstein


Quotations to Think About -Ancient Thinkersquotations to think about - Ancient Thinkers Quotations to Think About - Confuciousquotations from Confucious

Quotations to Think About -From Children's Books

Free Resource

quotations from children's authors

Quotations To Think About - Modern Thinkers

Free Resource

quotations by modern thinkers

Short A and O letter strings Short E and I letter strings
Short U letter strings Short U Word Family Lists
Short A Word Family Lists 1 Short A Word Family Lists 2
Short E Word Family Lists Short O Word Family Lists
Short I Word Family Lists 1 Short I Word Family Lists 2

Alphabet Chart

literacy poster - alphabet chart

Colours and Numbers Chartsliteracy posters - number and colour chart
Word Families List - Set 1set 1 word families Word Families - Set 1 Certificateset 1 certificate
Word Families List - Set 2word families set 2 Word Families - Set 2 Certificateset 2 certificate
Word Families List - Set 3word families set 3 Word Families - Set 3 Certificateset 3 certificate
Word Families List - Set 4word families set 4 Word Families - Set 4 Certificateset 4 certificate
Word Families List - Set 5word families set 5 Word Families - Set 5 Certificateset 5 certificate

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