Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Comprehension worksheets can be enjoyable and stimulating. Activities involving reading and interpreting instructions can include the use of recipes, following directions on a map, reading a diagram or plan of how to construct something, and many other exciting interactive tasks.

Even very young students at the pre-reading stage can demonstrate their understandings of text in group activities where the teacher reads each step aloud. Teachers can gain valuable insights about their students' thinking and interpretation of instructions by observing responses in class activities. Students gain great satisfaction from making sense of written language independently and being able to achieve a tangible result when they have interpreted instructions correctly. The whole purpose of learning to read and to write is to be able to communicate ideas with others. Being able to interpret plans and instructions and produce something worthwhile, can be very motivating for the beginning or struggling reader.



Following Instructions

These worksheets can be used with pre-readers by reading the instructions aloud to the class or a small group, or they can be given to younger readers as an independent task. This activity does not need to be marked, as it a worthwhile task to simply observe as students complete it. To save paper, copy these worksheets back to back and cut so that each child has the picture on one side and the instructions on the back. This way, when it is sent home, parents can see what instructions were followed and how accurate their child's responses were.


Kayak Instructions


Astronaut Instructions


Puppeteer Instructions


Whale Instructions

Beach Instructions

instruction worksheet - beach

Clown Instructions

instruction worksheet - clown

Karate Instructions

instruction worksheets - karate

Painter Instructions

instruction worksheet - painter

Easter Bunny Instructions

Easter bunny instructions

Easter Eggs Instructions

Easter eggs instructions

Diver Instructionsdiver instructions  

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