Free Literacy Worksheets

Free literacy worksheets are provided here as samples of the many resources available from The Classroom Kit. Many more are available to members, and these support the concepts of phonemic understandings, consonant-vowel-consonant words, sight words, rhyming words, word families, and sentences. Handwriting and spelling sample activities are included as well. Most involve students writing responses and as a follow-up, they can then read them back to an adult.

Please browse through the navigation bar to see what kinds of other games and resources are available with membership of The Classroom Kit. Membership is very reasonably priced, and is outstanding value! Resources include both literacy and numeracy activities, games, and classroom materials.

ABC Order Worksheet 1

I Can See Worksheet (cvc pictures and words)

Letter Aa Worksheet

Word Shapes Worksheet (first sight words)

Rhyme Time Worksheet 1

Word Families Booklet: at

CVC Words:mixed words Missing vowels

Word Families 1 (at an ap)

Match Beginning Sounds: Letter C

There are lots more free resources to be found in the Worksheet pages of this website.

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