Spelling Worksheets and Spelling Journal Activities

Spelling worksheets can be valuable teaching resources when literacy rules or conventions are being introduced or consolidated with students. Groups of learners can also be given worksheets to focus on particular concepts such as contraction words, compound words, word origins, prefixes, and specific word families.

Worksheets can form the basis of individual Spelling Journals, with students adding their own words each week, and completing a wide range of valuable tasks with their list words each day. Tasks might include word building, placing words in alphabetical order, writing the words while playing games such as 'Hangman', and writing the words in sentences.

Incorporating some computer software games or online games within students' weekly spelling jobs, can also spice up spelling so that it is an enjoyable and productive daily task.

Alphabetical Order

ABC Order 1 (simple - cvc words)
Free resource
ABC Order 2 (simple - cvc words)
ABC Order 3 (simple - cvc words) ABC Order 4 (simple - cvc words)
ABC Order 5 (simple - cvc words) ABC Order 6 (simple - cvc words)

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