Writing Worksheets: Handwriting Concepts

Writing worksheets focusing on handwriting skills can be very useful within the classroom. Handwriting lessons can often be a challenge as teachers try to cater for many needs. Having a selection of worksheets to develop different skill levels may assist this.

Students who have difficulty controlling writing tools will often benefit from strength building exercises and warm-up activities before each lesson. Ideas for these will be included at a later stage.

Worksheets with activities to encourage correct directionality can be enjoyable for younger learners, and are an important step in the process of moving onto forming letters.

Allowing students opportunities to practise correct formation and size, is easily done with worksheets, and fits well within a phonics program focusing on different letters each week (as is often done in Kinder and Prep). Repetition of letter and numeral formation worksheets each week can be a useful strategy in building solid handwriting skills in the early years. Students can focus on the physical skill of writing letters and numerals correctly, when activities are familiar and repetitive.

Handwriting: Numerals 0-9
Free resource
Handwriting: Anti-clockwise Letters
Handwriting: Anti-clockwise Letters 2 Handwriting: Down Stroke Letters
Handwriting: Down Stroke Letters 2  

Upper and Lower Case Letter Formation Worksheets A-Z

Letter Formation:Aa Letter Formation:Bb
Letter Formation:Cc Letter Formation:Dd
Letter Formation:Ee Letter Formation:Ff
Letter Formation:Gg Letter Formation:Hh
Letter Formation:Ii Letter Formation:Jj
Letter Formation:Kk Letter Formation:Ll
Letter Formation:Mm Letter Formation:Nn Free resource
Letter Formation:Oo Letter Formation:Pp
Letter Formation:Qq Letter Formation:Rr
Letter Formation:Ss Letter Formation:Tt
Letter Formation:Uu Letter Formation:Vv
Letter Formation:Ww Letter Formation:Xx
Letter Formation:Yy Letter Formation:Zz

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