Reading Worksheets: Sentences - Grammar

Reading worksheets often focus on comprehension skills. Both literal and inferred meaning can be a focus. Cloze activities (omitting words from sentences), are useful in developing important reading skills such as predicting text from meaning.

Opportunities can be provided for students to explore poetry and prose of different genres, and to interpret and appreciate literary effects such as metaphors and alliteration.

Worksheets can also guide students learning important writing concepts such as the arrangement of words within sentences for different effects. Students can gain from experiences that allow them to manipulate descriptive language and explore a variety of sentence beginnings and conjunctions. Teaching about parts of a sentence, by understanding the purpose of verbs, nouns, adjectives, pronouns and adverbs, is included in this section. Punctuation is also included here, given its importance in ensuring that written language makes sense to the reader.

Combining literacy teaching with learning outcomes from science, SOSE, health and other curriculum areas, is an effective way of covering the huge array of skills required in all learning areas. A selection of worksheets that demonstrate these possiblities will be included in due course.

Grammar Worksheets

Grammar rules - Capitalisation Grammar rules - Proof Reading
Grammar rules - Commas Grammar rules - Quotation Marks
Grammar rules - Sentence Structure  

Add a to words and read sentences Add e to words and read sentences
Add i to words and read sentences Add o to words and read sentences

Cut and Match Sentence-Word Strips

This is a practical writing activity that will work well even if students are not yet writing independently. If this activity is done with a whole class, extra adult helpers will be needed to assist with the writing and follow-up reading, or it can be managed in small groups. I recommend the activity is modelled for the class at the beginning of the lesson, and that everyone uses the same sentence.
Provide each student with a half page worksheet. Each has a sentence beginning. Students decide what they wish to write and an adult helper writes the words needed. Students then copy these words underneath and cut out the complete sentence and each word from the second line. Paste the sentence at the top of the page. Students use the sentence to match the correct words in order and compose the sentence onto a picture or into a scrap book to illustrate. Students should be encouraged to read back their own sentence when finished.

I can... I live in...
On rainy days...
Free resource
On the weekend...
At home I... I like to play with...
My favourite drink is... On school days...
Today I will... I am good at...
I like to... My favourite food is....
On sunny days... Yesterday I...

Strip Booklets

These are single page worksheets that allow students to write and read 5 simple sentences. In one quick lesson, students form an easy to read, repetitive booklet, to take home and read to the family. Simple sight words are used in each sentence.

About me... sentence strips Stop... sentence strips
This is my... sentence strips Put on your... sentence strips
That is... sentence strips One or two... sentence strips
On The Box... sentence strips Come Here ... sentence strips
Free resource
Here And There... sentence strips I Have ... sentence strips
As silly as... phrase strips Look under... sentence strips
I see... sentence strips I am... sentence strips
Here is a... sentence strips Have some...want some... sentence strips
Down... sentence strips Come to me... sentence strips
All word family... sentence strips Here is the... sentence strips
I like....sentence strips  

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