Pattern Worksheets and Challenge Cards

Pattern worksheets supplement the hands-on opportunities provided by early childhood teachers, to copy, extend, and create repeating patterns with classroom materials like pencils, crayons, blocks, buttons, counters, icypole sticks, corks and so on. Allowing students to manipulate real objects into repeating patterns, is much more interesting and engaging, than drawing or writing symbols to demonstrate understanding. Sometimes however, it is useful to provide worksheets for lessons on pattern. They are much easier to manage when a whole class is involved. They also allow for different concepts to be directed at varying levels of understanding for students who need extension or extra support. While hard copies of students' work can be kept in the form of photos, this is more time consuming than completing work on a worksheet.

As students begin working predominantly with numerical patterns, teachers may find that worksheets and challenge cards (with specific tasks or problems set out for students to tackle either independently or with partners), are most appropriate. Challenge cards can be laminated and made into sets for long term use. They then form part of the teacher's valuable resource kit, that can be used every year with very little preparation required.

Simple Patterns: Worksheet 1
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Simple Patterns: Worksheet 2
Simple Patterns: Worksheet 3 Simple Patterns: Worksheet 4
Simple Patterns: Worksheet 5 Simple Patterns: Worksheet 6

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