Numeracy Resources: Books to Use When Teaching Maths Concepts

A selection of counting books is a valuable addition to the numeracy resources within the early childhood classroom. Many beautiful books by outstanding authors and illustrators include mathematical themes and concepts. Picture books such as these can be excellent lesson starters and motivators for the exploration of mathematical concepts.

A list of recommended picture books will be included, and I hope to be able to complement this list with follow-up activities for each, that highlight the mathematical aspects of the stories.

There will also be a set of booklet templates for students to make their own, based on simple counting and measurement concepts.

Books for students to make:

Ten Little Monkeys Ten Grey Elephants

Zoo Animals Count to 10 Book
1-10 page of animals

Aussie Animals Count to 10 Book
1-10 page of animals
Five Speckled Frogs  

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