Numeracy Resources For Classrooms

blackboard Numeracy resources can be costly to buy, and time-consuming to make, but play an important part in modern classrooms. Early childhood teachers rely heavily on well-presented materials in the form of flash cards, charts, books and posters, to stimulate and assist their students in learning new concepts.

The learning environment should be engaging and provide lots of reference materials for the younger learner to absorb and respond to. Emersing students in the language and pattern of maths, with mathematical displays and reference materials such as cards and posters around the room, supports the young learner in internalising new concepts and promotes a desire for more knowledge and understanding.

The resources on this site are grouped in the categories of Cards, Posters, Templates and Booklets. I hope the resources provided will assist teachers to create highly stimulating learning environments, where confident students will be nurtured to become numerate and capable, mathematical thinkers.

Data Collection - Daily Class Surveys

Numeracy Flash Cards and Workcards

Mathematical Charts and Number Posters

Templates for Mathematical Activities

Numeracy Resources: Mathematical Books

Christmas Maths Activities