Special Education Resources

Special Education resources are games and classroom activities, created specifically for students with additional learning needs. Students with learning disabilities often need step by step instructions to simple learning tasks for literacy and maths concepts, as well as explicit visual resources to assist with daily living. The rules and setup of games need to be quite basic, and allow for a lot of repetition. These games and activities have been created with this in mind.

Some of the resources cover common concepts addressed in the early years, and may be useful with mainstream students as well. When using within special education programs, applying velcro to cards and boards may assist to keep learners on track.

calendar activity - special education resource

Build A Calendar Game

This resource consists of 13 month pages (covers leap year), and month, day and year cards for players to add to their board. Select a board for each player. This activity can also be used as a learning activity without the game format if desired.

This game is available individually at my TPT Store - here

early counting activity

Counting Tray - sets from 1 to 5

This activity has 5 'trays' with four compartments in each. The learner selects 4 bags of cards (or match real materials for students to count with -e.g. use real shells instead of the cards with shells). Each set of images for counting contains 15 - enough to place on all 5 trays. The learner is counting one of each object to place on the number 1 tray, two of each object to place on the numbe 2 tray, and so on. This is not an activity in game format. The activity may be easier for students with special learning needs to use if velcro is used to attach cards to the trays. This would also provides assistance for learners who do not yet have the concept of how many each number is. This activity is also available individually at my TPT Store - here

calendar activity - special education resource

What to Wear Today - A Life Skills Resource

This is a resource to support students with a learning disability to develop the skills required to select appropriate clothing each day - criteria includes the weather expected, the proposed activity and the method of transport being used. The visual supports included are intended for use with actual items of clothing or with photos or images of clothing from catalogues & magazines.

This resource is also available individually at my TPT Store - here.



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