Word Families: Spelling and Reading Worksheets

Exposing students to word families, in the form of lists, worksheets and games, can be a very efficient strategy for teaching spelling skills. While some words need to be learned in isolation, with unique letter strings, most words contain one or more sets of common letter patterns. Teachers often work through lists of words with these letter patterns, from the simplest to more complex. Spelling work books often focus on these too.

I have included a selection of worksheets to support the introduction of each word list to the group or class. I also recommend the use of Individual Spelling Journals once students have developed an understanding of basic phonemic strategies, and are ready to learn more visual letter patterns.

Words With the Letter String...Booklet

A book template to develop awareness about spelling patterns or letter strings in words. Together, the teacher and students create a list of words that have the letter string (eg. 'ar' words like 'farm'). Students then choose 4 of these to write in the book and illustrate. There is a page at the back for students to write their own list of words too. This is a simple and quick task for younger students who are just becoming aware of spelling patterns.

Word Families Booklet: at
Free resource
Word Families 1 (at an ap)
Free resource
Word Families 2 (it in ip)
Word Families 3 (ot ob op) Word Families 4 (et en ed)
Word Families 5 (ut ub un) Word Families 6 (and amp ang)
Word Families 7 (end est ell) Word Families 8 (ick ing ill)
Word Families 9 (ock ost ong oll) Word Families 10 (uck ung ust unk)
Word Families 11 (ate ite ute) Word Families 12 (eat eet eed eam)
Word Families 13 (ag ig og) Word Families 14 (at it et)
Word Families 15 (ot et ut) Word Families 16 (an in en)
Word Families 17 (ad ed id) Word Families 18 (ap op ip)
Word Families 19 (ow oa o-e)

Word Families 20 (aw ew ow)

Word Families 21 (sh th ch)

Word Families 22 (u-e ue ui)

Word Families 23 (o-e a-e i-e)

Word Families 24 (ind end and)

Word Families 25 (ff aft ift)

Word Families 26 (oy ay y)

Word Families 27 (ar er or)

Word Families 28 (ur ir er)

Word Families 29 (ide ude ode ade)

Word Families 30 (ash ish ush)

Word Families 31 (eel eep een eef)

Word Families 32 (itch atch utch etch)

Word Families 33 (ood oop oom oot)

Word Families 34 (ib ob ub ab)

Word Families 35 (ock ack ick eck)

Word Families 36 (ai ay a-e)


Word Building worksheets:

Word Building 1 (ock ick ack) Word Building 2 (ing ang ong)
Word Building 3 (ow aw ew) Word Building 4 (ash ish ush)
Word Building 5 (oy ay y) Word Building 6 (eed eel een eep)
Word Building 7 (ood oot oom oon) Word Building 8 (itch atch etch utch)
Word Building 9 (and amp ang) Word Building 10 (end est ell)
Word Building 11 (ick ing ill) Word Building 12 (ash ish ush)
Word Building 13 (ide ude ode ade) Word Building 14 (unk ung ust uck)
Word Building 15 (ate ite ute ote)  

Games for Word Families at The Classroom Kit

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