Numeracy and Literacy Resources for Teaching

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The Classroom Kit is a collection of engaging numeracy and literacy resources for teachers of early childhood students. The materials available are resources that assist students' learning of important concepts. All activities are relevant and practical. The activities are designed for students between the ages of 5 and 8, but they address the learning needs of many other students throughout the primary school years, who are experiencing delays in acquiring important literacy and numeracy concepts.

Precut games example photo The Classroom Kit differs from others in that the focus is to promote the use of educational games within classrooms. Other resources such as worksheets, templates, booklets and flashcards will be added in time, as additional support for classroom teachers. Lots of external links to websites from around the world have been included, to give teachers quick access to some of the excellent online resources that can also enrich classroom programs.

Games are an ideal medium for teaching because students are stimulated and entertained, while being fully engaged in learning essential literacy and numeracy concepts. Incorporating a games session into the daily classroom program can also contribute to the social skills program, with students having purposeful opportunities to share, make choices, communicate decisions and understandings, resolve problems, and take personal responsibility for their own learning.

Sh-ch bingo example photo My goal is to provide a cheap, but practical and accessible alternative to the very expensive commercially produced educational games and resources that most schools and teachers rely upon. The Classroom Kit can assist teachers to plan for and support the learning needs of all students within the retraints of time and budget allocations. The numeracy and literacy resources would also be useful in teaching older students with additional needs, who are integrated within mainstream classroooms. Most of the games and worksheets can be used to support the learning programs of individuals, small groups and whole classes. A student learning at a different pace to most in the group can play the same card or board game (with the group), but using cards that address concepts appropriate to his level of understanding).